Twitter users compared the Galaxy Home with a grill, a pot and a cow’s udder

During a recent presentation, Galaxy Note 9 and other models from Samsung popular youtuber Marques Brownlee began to actively discuss in his Twitter account the similarity of the smart speakers Galaxy Home to many familiar objects. Rather, he noted that the smart column is similar to the grill, and its subscribers continued thought and found some funny similarities.

The design of smart speakers from Samsung can truly be called unusual. Immediately catches the eye three legs on which it stands. Form also stands out. Samsung introduced a smart column, which is not similar to Google Home HomePod or other solutions. Instead, it reminded the users of Twitter, the grill and the pot.

Yes, the column is really similar and on the grill, and pot. And the Twitter user, who saw in the column of a cow udder is also something right. What reminds you Galaxy Home? Share your thoughts in our Telegram chat.

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