Twitter want to imitate the feature to watch videos from snapchat

Website published a Bloomberg report suggests that Twitter is working on a new design for the focus more on the camera and the process of uploading a video, or start the live broadcast. For the current valuation to investigate the process of uploading a video, or start the live broadcast requires several clicks so that the user opens the application first, and then presses on the icon of Twitter then chooses either the camera button or the button of the live broadcast. Despite the dictates of the report, the design isn’t final yet, and there are no indicators if we’ll see him when will that be. It also did not report whether video will become ephemeral as the snapchat into, but likely that Twitter will not make the video disappears because the video on Twitter of material is widespread. It seems that Twitter is targeting publishers with a strategy about the video, for the past year formed a Twitter partnership with publishers to broadcast live programs, and added a counter to watch the video secured tweeted. However, on the one hand of the user, still watching videos less interactive than snapchat into. Source: The Verge

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