Twitter will continue to feature GPS because of the lack used in tweets

Will Twitter turn off the GPS feature on Twitter the fact that the vast majority of users don’t do it.

تويتر ستوقف ميزة تحديد المواقع بسبب قلة استخدامها في التغريداتTwitter will continue to feature select site due to lack of use in tweets

Announced Twitter on its decision to stop the particular determined geographical locations accurately to users while Twitter because of the limited experiences of the audience with it.

The company says it will get rid of water to simplify the process of Twitter and the user experience while using the product, but at the same time talked about the possibility of identifying users from their positions during use of the camera through the signal inside the photo before posting it.

Maybe the police are right to turn off the water in general because they basically didn’t get to experience the time of their launch, especially since the users do not prefer to locate and sink them in general. However, interested can use the camera feature to take advantage of the GPS.

On the opposite side, the users will be able to identify locations in tweets through some external services such as FourSquare, according to the website TechCrunch.

The company had revealed the water before the 10 years is important to decide way to add users, but since that time didn’t interest them.

Referred to to Twitter and other tech companies do this kind of steps with time based on user experiences with their advantages, so this is normal with off this feature.

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