Twitter will feature a “clarification” rather than a modifier button

Know Twitter as a platform choose to use ideas long in short phrases, often would like the user to see if he can accelerate on Twitter the original to illustrate the point, but it does not find that a choice which will change soon.

Raised the idea of a modifier button on the tweet of a heated debate between pro and exhibitions, where the exhibition the possibility of the abuse of water modify the tweets to the equivalent of the original text, so think about Twitter in a compromise, according to remedy CEO Jack Dorsey.

During the event Goldman Sachs yesterday, Thursday, told Dorsey that Twitter will allow users to add “clarification” to the tweet without changing the original content.

One of the models currently proposed for the “clarification” is the “quote the tweet or add a comment.. so that includes the text or color highlights the meaning of Twitter”.

Added Dorsey to “tweet of Origin will appear with the illustration of users, as well as any interaction with it” i.e., he “can’t retweet the tweet of the original” alone, but will retweet illustration which includes Twitter original.

Hope Dorsey to be the new feature represent a solution to avoid the downsides of having a modifier button direct on Twitter, but he did not mention any information about the time of the arrival of water to the user.

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