Twitter will tweets celebrities infringing these terms of use

Learn Twitter has always been criticized that they do not deal with the tweets of celebrities, especially politicians with the same rigor in which the tweets other users when they violate terms of use of the service, and now Twitter will take action new but it’s still less than the logical and expected.

Twitter started to implement a new policy under which to hide – not delete – tweets posted by celebrities and public figures, which violates the community standards. For example, if the publication of the President Trump – known activity on Twitter – Tweets violate the terms of Twitter, they will hide it and prevent its emergence directly to the rest of the users, but there remains the option to view it with reference because it is contrary to the terms of the community.

Will Twitter to inform the user who violated the community standards and the application of the new policy it she tells of the arrival of the Twitter audience.

Will apply this policy to the owners of the accounts documented, politicians, and accounts that have more than 100 thousand follow-up.

Recognizes Twitter it previously was called the survival of the tweets violate the rules of use because it was within the public interest and the public, but now has become reduced and so allowing viewing for those who wish to when you press manually on the option of View.

This is not a punitive measure only to tweet the offense, but that Twitter wouldn’t know it within the search results if you do the search option of the safe, as will appear at the top of the timeline within the tweets that you missed the found as well as in the tab notifications, navigation page, and other places that you use Twitter to promote content.

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