Two consecutive blast battery for iPhone within the Apple stores in Spain and Switzerland


The centre of the controversy about slowing down the iPhone old deliberately, facing the Apple company’s another problem related to the explosion of the batteries within the phones own Shops in Europe, revealed a recent report from the site “TechCrunch” American, that there is an explosion for the battery of the iPhone happened in Spain within the one of the stores of the company, and one day after the occurrence of a similar incident in Switzerland.

The explosion of iPhone

The report explained that the explosion occurred in the “Calais Cologne store” in Valencia, Spain, and the battery of one of the iPhones displayed in the store frantically noticeably began to be a thick smoke, prompting store management for immediate evacuation of the building, said one of the eyewitnesses, the smoke met the entire floor in the building.

متجر ايلApple Store

And call the emergency services, but to enable the warehouse control of the situation by covering the battery with sand, there have been no reported injuries at the scene, it remains unclear what model of EVO you know this and the reason behind it.

Repeat the incidents of the explosion of the iPhone

It is worth mentioning that on Tuesday last the exploded Phone Battery for iPhone 6s in the Apple Store in Zurich, Switzerland, and the hand of the man, and asked about 50 people to evacuate the store, and attended the police and firemen of the site, in addition to the hammers received six other people medical treatment injuries non-specific but did not transfer any of them to the hospital.

Police said Zurich in a statement, the staff responded well and correctly, and the forensic experts on the situation in Zurich, but the exact cause of the explosion is not yet known.

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