Two patents to Apple in the area of the footprint and augmented reality

In days past, many of the declaration on the submission of new patents to Apple, which if implemented soon witness advanced technology and great technological leap forward. It is not enough just to provide the idea how to apply them then put them in the drawers and monopoly until the stop elements provided on the ground. Many of the patents announced and presented but most of it locked in a drawer and he did not write light. In this article we will discuss two patents two new Apple has been announced in the past few days.

براءتي اختراع لأبل لدمج بصمة اليد والوجه وأخرى للواقع المعزز

Integration of fingerprint, face and finger in the iPhone and the Apple Watch

Despite the fact that many of the users fingerprint face in both the iPhone and the iPad they won’t want to ever return to a fingerprint, except that the old fan. also maybe his “daddy nostalgia”. Apple made a patent for your iPhone future combines the two methods of documenting vital two Fingerprint Face Fingerprint. But the possibility of providing such a technique may be very unlikely with that it could be necessary also.

Start a patent that monitored the site Patently Apple through the description of the problems relating to the system of Fingerprint, Face ID that is not the reject rate is high even when performed properly. How many times happened with you that you asked the device to enter the password for authentication of the face occurred problem.

Been submitted to Apple’s patent in January last and published Thursday before last, where he discussed Apple TV how to the process of biometric authentication is cumbersome. Because of the need to use the device section, the definition in the body the same way they were in the process of initial registration.

For clarity, most, if multiple retries for authentication or biometric considered a waste of time, the user table of the device. Where do you suggest the patent techniques more efficient. The existing when you fail in verification process you will have to re-authentication again, or you end up to enter the password. But the patent application that indicates that in the case of failed authentication, such as Face ID can switch to a fingerprint. instead of using the password directly, and if you fail fingerprint this probability is weak, you can finally enter the password.

The existence of systems to achieve multi-benefit large users. In some cases, the use of fingerprint, face difficult especially when there are circumstances that prevent you from lifting the phone to your face or when the face is covered because of something to protect his or because of the flip cover has some women, when the fingerprint is more effective. And vice versa may be wearing gloves or your hands in water or some dirt when the imprint of the face is the most effective.

The Apple Watch works insight

Remember the patent also, the fingerprint technology face embedded in smart watches. Of course the latest hours Apple TV lacks any sort of cameras this is a non-system TrueDepth necessary to assess the imprint of the face. So how would The Shape of the previous ones. And do you think it was required in the past?

Technically possible to incorporate fingerprint Face Fingerprint in one device. Apple patented prior submission of a fingerprint sophisticated built-in screen you can found on this link . We have seen fingerprint built-in screen as well as face recognition technology in some Android devices like the Huawei Mate 20 RS phone OnePlus 6T share Mi 8 Pro and other.

Maps Apple support augmented reality

Awarded to Apple on the 20th day of the month patented other to display a three-dimensional using augmented reality on Maps Apple TV on any level surface.

So you can see the city or target area directly in front of you with all the details up close. This is undoubtedly very useful for anyone especially for tourists.

It seems that augmented reality technology is moving forward day after day will become indispensable to many users about it, especially in the field of Medicine, construction and tourism.

You can watch video for garden of the Apple way of augmented reality.

Do you see that the addition of fingerprint and facial imprint with necessary? And support for augmented reality Apple Maps thing required? Tell us in the comments.



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