Two ways to use WhatsApp on tablet

If there were follow-up play to determine the WhatsApp on your tablet, you’ll find the words “this device is not compatible”, so we offer two solutions to this dilemma.

WhatsApp web

Maybe you are aware that WhatsApp have a web page, the “client” which reflect the conversations from your phone to the web page, and until that happens must be your phone and tablet connected to the internet all the time, you would find no difficulty in it, follow these steps:

1 – Go to page WhatsApp best.

2 – click on the list of the three points of the top of the app and select WhatsApp web Whatapp Web.

3 – This will take you to scan the QR code directs the phone’s camera on the Code STATE.

4 – You can use your phone through the tablet to exchange messages and calls WhatsApp.

Application WhatsApp independent

If you didn’t find the previous method of operation, providing apps APK safe and reliable to investigate here’s a way to install them:

1 – It is recommended to download files from APK Mirror who says regular updates to the investigation, as it is a source of safe and reliable, and since this file don’t occur automatically, if you suffered a problem using the app or you wanted to get a new feature, you can download the latest version of WhatsApp, which you’ll find always top of the list of APKS in the photo.

2 – after downloading an APK file you must make sure to enable installation from unknown sources, where the default settings are anonymous sources closed to avoid harmful applications.

Allow installing from unknown sources to Settings > Security > unknown sources (or install apps unknown), and permission, after installing WhatsApp you can turn off download from unknown sources.

3 – after confirmation of activation of the anonymous sources, there are for the browser on the tablet and click on the file to open it and then on the Install button.

4 – When you open the app, you will be greeted a mistake, “WhatsApp not supported on tablets” you can click on OK.

5 – After that, you will be prompted to enter the phone number, then the confirmation code transit which will be released with a text message to the number, then the option to restore the history of the talks, and then you will be taken to use the application in the normal manner, as well as every time you open the app from the tablet without the need to follow the same steps.

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