Two years after the launch of the gestures feature in iPhone still Android phones don’t implement correctly!

We can not deny that the mention of Apple in itself is something that provokes a lot of confusion for me, so that when Tom mentioned Apple divided the audience into two parts, the first section they are great teachers they birth and the second is the haters of Apple, usually no one is in the middle!

Today, without any problems and all neutral and we’ll talk about the gestures Gestures, is that the water that came to phones, Apple in conjunction with the iPhone 10 (X), which came due because the phone creates on the button الـHome who was not called the numerous and fundamental, and since then manufacturers have started to for Android phones in the tradition of this feature, however, and even now despite all these efforts it seems that no one has implemented them properly!

But, to be able to judge the gestures feature in the iPhone and is it successful or unsuccessful, we must first talk about a very important point: why is a property of gestures in the iPhone X and yet refreshingly different from the others?

What distinguishes the characteristic gestures in an iPhone?

First you have to explain it or kind of give each his right, the iPhone X was the first phone that offers the possibility to navigate in the operating system through gestures Gestures, this in itself distinguishes Apple from the other these two factors, the first factor is that they first introduced this feature, and, second, is it provided by the problem of perfect and innovative, the sad part here is that manufacturers of Android phones have started to offer alarm feature in the system via gestures directly after the announcement of Apple about them, which shows they were tracking the”Trend” no more!

Understanding how the gestures work iPhone X is not a big deal, you just pull up to get back to the Home screen, to pull the pull short and then stopped the clouds to get to the applications that are currently open Recent, or to withdraw from the edge of the screen to go back a step back, it’s easy!

In fact, it’s not easy at all, so that in the presentation under the name of “Designing Fluid Interfaces” at the conference WWDC 2018 your phones Apple challenge engineers to Apple about that they needed for long hours just to apply some simple details that would make the gestures more quickly and effectively, and that the details you receive in the capitals of departments needed to develop large until the technology works, this precision, which we’ll work on them now..

Delayed response

The first thing that you will notice that the Apple feature which is speed of response, which is at the same time the main drawback in a property of gestures in Android phones, and that’s where that when the number of frames displayed per second, causing a delay Latency which is something you can notice easily in some Android phones which did not apply gestures to the right.

Apple here has worked hard to minimize the delayed response and make it is rare in the iPhone, this is where the phones are working with a number of frames 60 frame per second, which is in itself increases the safety of viewing content whatever, also Apple reported that its engineers have worked hard to make the phone responds to commands your finger quickly and smoothly the Big Two, whatever you do on your device, which is what has already happened.

Re-routing between tasks

Well, this happens to us a lot, what if you open the application what? Then change your mind (in the same second) and return to the company the main? Then you directly go to apps, open Recent Apps and then decide you want to go back to open the app Doe, this part is the part redirection Redirecting.

In some Android phones, especially the most vulnerable ones, you can’t say such a thing smoothly, for example, Huawei phones had applied the same technical gestures in Apple phones, or rather the transfer of it as it is, only that its phones do not support this reorientation of the foundation, and if you copied it manually at large will stumble over your device.

Speed multi-touch

Of the most important secrets of the speed of the gestures in the iPhone X is the advantage of Lightness, which express how to transform animals too small to graphics great excited, and the thing is that these graphics be light and easy app!

Here Apple reported that multi-touch technology and a Lightness you don’t need the user to only just one touch, and then the machine starts to run all of his accounts in order to understand what it is that he wants the user exactly including the strength of the push, the location of the pressure and also the speed of it!

From other manufacturers for Android phones because they don’t apply all this, is just get it in terms of software no more!

Source: Phone Arena

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