TypingDNA will determine your “Internet writing” to log in to multiple accounts

The developers of a startup TypingDNA shows an alternative method of two-factor authentication, which is based on how you type.

TypingDNA is a technology that allows users to identify their identity, without using a smartphone. If the usual two-factor authentication you will need to enter the code, you only need to enter the username and password, and the system will analyze how he was introduced some of the characters (for the speed and type of input humans), and confirms that it is indeed he.

Thus, the user will be able to confirm his identity using only one device. Technology the definition of “Internet writing” is based on two principles – how long is the single key is pressed and how long you hold it.

TypingDNA Authenticator - Animation

TypingDNA constantly learning and eventually get used to the characteristics of the user input. Having a sufficient level of false positives, the system will be wrong only by 0.1%. In addition, the developers claim that the technology can learn multiple types of input from one user, it is human nature to sometimes print differently than usual.

The startup plans to cooperate with Internet companies to implement technology TypingDNA in their services. Meanwhile, users can download the extension for Google Chrome and to try out the system in action.

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