U.S. Army Specialist of the overlap between the 5G network system, GPS

Criticized the officials in the Ministry of defense of the U.S. decision previously issued by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to allow the company to American space communications (lead) Ligado publish network broadband mobile at the state level, saying it may give signals of the Global Positioning System (GPS) is important for military operations.

He said military officials in testimony before the committee on Armed Services United States Senate the system (GPS) is facing a big threat in relation to the interference with the network of the fifth generation (5G) approved by the (FCC), explaining that the decision of the Federal Communications Commission will give the users of the Global Positioning System at risk.

This comes after the agreed (FCC) on network (5G) New, despite the claims of the defense ministry that it will interfere with System Services (GPS), and disease (Dan dis) Dana Deasy, a media official in the Ministry of defence, the allegations (FCC) that the conditions imposed on the network (Ligado) will my system (GPS) of trading.

And (Ligado) to use a combination of satellite communication and terrestrial network, rather than direct execution against (Verizon) or (AT&T) and (T-Mobile), they plan to provide private networks dedicated for industrial companies and devices the Internet of things and unmanned systems and use cases and other business and government.

When approved in the last month (FCC) on the line (Ligado), request the agency having the scope of protection at a frequency of 23 MHz to provide a barrier between a network (Ligado) cellular system (GPS), and argued that DIS-that the scope of protection that won’t stop trading with signals (GPS).

Said des: “it involves the scope of protection at a frequency of 23 MHz to protect the receivers (GPS L1) of the network (Ligado) floor, designed receivers (GPS) to receive signals from space stop this terrestrial network, regardless of such protection”.

He added, “Although the scope of protection of this, and will continue to be many types of receivers (GPS) come from trading, and has (GPS) on the part of a space-based satellite transmits radio signals to users, this means that the receivers (GPS L1) designed to improve the flow of space systems in the spectrum adjacent to, but not to the trading of Earth systems in the domain next door.”

He explained the press officer in the Ministry of defense that the results of the tests conducted by federal agencies show that the conditions contained in the request (the FCC) will not prevent these effects on millions of devices system receiver (GPS) across the United States, with the expectation of receiving complaints is huge.

The resolution (FCC) scrutiny of Congress, where he said the senator (James INF) James Inhofe: “I don’t think it’s a good idea to know the danger signals (GPS), which enables our national security and economic development for the benefit of one company and its investors”.

He added, “it comes to the risk the extent of our readiness and our military, and will be trading in Global Positioning System to the US economy as a whole”.

The reaction of the Federal Communications Commission:

Description spokesman for the chairman of the FCC (Ajit Pai) Ajit Pai military stores, as “exciting the fears are not unfounded”.

She (FCC): “the measure used by the Department of Defense to measure harmful interference does not in fact restrict harmful interference, and testing which depend upon power levels significantly higher than those approved by the (FCC)”.

The federal agency that the Ministry of defence got to the draft resolution last autumn, in the said (Ligado) it’s making great efforts to prevent the trading see or use any device that the government prove that it is vulnerable to the harmful on her account.

The limits of power:

In addition to the scope of protection, it has imposed (FCC) limit energy is 9.8 DB Watts on operations (Ligado) to the signals coming to the Earth, where the said Bay: “this is a reduction by 99 percent than that proposed by the company in the year 2015”.

However, said Dis said that this reduction does not meet the energy levels that can carry in the range of adjacent signals (GPS L1) that were studied by the Ministry of transport.

He also criticized the dis-coordination line, saying it is not enough to protect many devices (GPS), military and civil, explaining that there are millions of devices system receiver (GPS) mobile use by federal agencies, industry, and consumers.

He said: “Given the sheer size, it is no way to protect their mobile operations, is exacerbated this challenge is the fact that most users of the system (GPS) will never know what if (Ligado) have disrupted their equipment or who to call about the problem”.

She explained (FCC) to plan for coordination require (Ligado) the reporting of station locations by the basic standards and operating technical stakeholders likely to be affected by the commencement of operations, besides continuous monitoring of the transmission of station infrastructure and compliance with procedures and respond to reliable trading, including the rapid closure of operations when necessary.

Although the (FCC) are available to protect the company (Ligado) receivers (GPS) of the United States government and to fix or replace any device to prove that it is vulnerable to the harmful on her account, but this ignores the secret nature of the military use of the system (GPS) and the sheer number of receivers of government and the military affected.

Recall that the signals from the Satellite System (GPS), such as all the satellite, is extremely weak, and must be receivers (GPS) terrestrial extremely sensitive in order to use it, and therefore have frequency bands reserved for exclusive use, and any transmitter close to work close to the frequency bands allocated to the system (GPS) control the signals.

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