U.S. government warns of the ability of the Chinese UAV industry to send data to China


Recently, it seems that the U.S. government take strict action against Chinese companies that engaged in telecommunications infrastructure in the United States and the countries allied to him. Huawei is one of Chinese companies that have been affected recently due to it not decided by US companies such as Google, Intel and Qualcomm to suspend its business with due to the inclusion by the United States government in its blacklist.

However, it seems that other Chinese companies need to begin to prepare because the U.S. government decided to draw consideration towards the manufacturers of drones. In a report from CNN, the Department of Homeland Security warning saying that the unmanned aircraft made by Chinese companies may send information that is recorded when in the air to manufacturers in China, which is information that you may share with others, such as the Chinese government.

According to the Ministry of security of America, has stated by saying : ” apply these concerns with the same force on some Chinese hardware (aircraft systems unmanned) related to the position to collect and transfer data that can potentially reveal the processes individuals and entities, where the uniqueness of China’s unusually strict obligations on its citizens to support the activities of National Intelligence “.

This is not in fact the first time that the warning of the Ministry of security of America of the Chinese UAV industry. Returning to the year 2017, has warned the Ministry of security of the American use of unmanned aircraft, a subsidiary of DJI. However, not to decide now add Huawei to the black list of US government, we wonder about whether we’ll see more Chinese companies join to this list in the near future.

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