U.S. states choose to use unmanned aircraft to monitor the traffic on the highway


There are many ways through which they can monitor the traffic on the highway, such as the use of cameras placed along the highway. However, could there be a better way, more efficient and dynamic control the traffic? It seems that the specialists at the University of Ohio believe that the use of drones for traffic control can be a viable solution.

According to the University concerned, he has stated by saying : ” will monitor the UAV low-altitude traffic and respond to accidents along the corridor the U. S. 33 Smart Mobility Corridor along the 35 miles between Dublin and East Liberty, in conjunction with a system of traffic cameras current fixed at birth. Will the sensors and communication equipment to send data that has been detected and follow to the Traffic Management Center in the Ministry of transport of the state of Ohio. Will be solution to traffic management by the unmanned aircraft to respond quickly and effectively to situations on the road. “

Given that drones have greater mobility compared to the cameras firmware, the Ohio State University hopes to be allowed to use unmanned aircraft to identify any incidents or problems on the road faster, allowing the competent authorities to deal with these situations faster, which may eventually lead to reduce the include over-crowding traffic.

However, there are some obvious drawbacks to the use of drones, and one of these flaws remind her cards. Since most of the commercial UAVs are not designed to fly for long periods of time, it means that continuous monitoring may not be feasible particularly, but we assume it will have to wait for the results of this pilot program to see if unmanned aircraft are effective already in dealing with the traffic in the highway.


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