UAE lifts ban on Hangouts Meet and Slack and a number of other services


I crisis has affected the outbreak of MERS-CoV and to a large extent on all aspects of life around the world in a way or another. There’s one thing that started most of the companies and governments are already re-evaluation and control of the situation and is working remotely. And new in United Arab Emirates is a wonderful example of that. Officials decided there is a lifting of the ban on Google Hangouts to Meet and Cisco Webex and Avaya Spaces and BlueJeans and Slack. It is not possible to access all of these services are officially on the clock from within the country.

The decision to lift the ban on VoIP services came as a step of the UAE government for MERS-CoV and help more people to perform their work from home. It should be noted that the UAE government had last week to lift the ban on other services include the Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business and Zoom and Blackboard. It seems that the most motivation behind these measures is the decision of the state to restrict the movement of persons between eight in the evening and school in the morning until Day 5 April because the government want to campaign to sterilize a huge in public places.

Of course, the aim of these measures is to facilitate the work of organization and promotion. The UAE has a thriving economy and a unique. Many of its inhabitants in fact a rapist with a lot of foreign interference in the business, it is very natural to many rely heavily on solutions to work remotely already. The reality I realized the government in these difficult times. The question that remains is how long will this procedure is valid within the state.


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