Uber choose its own system estimates traffic


We’re sure that there are many people who request a car, Uber based on their location in the map, it seems at First Sight very close to it, but for some reason I end up stopping for longer than expected. There may be many reasons behind it, but soon passengers ” Uber ” offset one of these reasons, and here traffic.

According to a new report released recently from the site TechCrunch, it appears that Uber choose its own system for changes related to traffic. In the photo below, you can find out how will Uber app users now help blue make it yellow and red. Looks like this is mainly navigation applications such as Google Maps which shows where the yellow traffic more than usual, while red indicates a traffic jam.


The basic idea here is that by allowing customers to see traffic estimates, they may be more understanding of the reason for the arrival of their cars in the late what is available. As indicated in the website TechCrunch also, it has to be this way from Uber to encourage users to use one of their other services such as JUMP Bikes, or buy a ticket for public transport from within the Uber.

I’ve confirmed that Uber is already testing the waters and trying to figure out whether they will be useful before asking her for a larger number of users, but what do you think? Are you going to be the estimates of the traffic feature useful and would like to see her in the Uber app in the future?



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