Uber Eats is soon in Riyadh and Cairo

تطبيق Uber Eats

تطبيق Uber Eats

The company announced uber on their quest to launch the service Uber Eats in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Egypt in the coming period, so after four years since its arrival to the Middle East.

The company has identified each of Riyadh and Cairo support service Uber Eats for food, through a separate application designed to facilitate the request of the food transfer, which is the application available in more than 200 cities around the world at the moment. It should also be noted that the app provides in the United Arab Emirates rose the rate of applications increased by 169% during the second half of 2017 with the increase in the number of participating restaurants in the app by pressing.

In this regard, he said, “Nick Robertson”, general manager of Uber Eats in the Middle East and North Africa, the aweber training, and anticipation of the consumers in Saudi Arabia and Egypt to use the app to order food, which is why partnerships with local and international restaurants provide the best experience to use as possible.

Will allow the application of Uber Eats the first global service to order food offer their services in these two states, the issue of local over easy for clients Arabic speaking with him.

It features the Uber app Eats to provide ample options of different foods through a single interface, and connect to such requests quickly and the flavor of fresh, with the same reliability that people expect from aweber. With the continued demand for food delivery services in Saudi Arabia and Egypt to rise, it is expected to become the Middle East and North Africa region an increasingly important part of the work of the Uber Eats the world.

And Uber Eats into partnerships with thousands of local restaurants in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and providing hundreds of jobs for the local population. It can be for restaurant owners wishing to join the Uber app Eats visit the website.

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