Uber has become the drive now checks the constant of the background of the drivers on its platform


I got Uber a lot of criticism because of the way you talk from the background of the drivers on its platform. The company was fined approximately $ 8.9 million in Colorado because of the addition of drivers with criminal records into its platform. Found all of the Uber and Lyft that more than 8,000 of its drivers failed to skip the background investigations in Massachusetts in 2017. Obviously there is still much to be done to ensure that drivers who allow companies to work on its platform do not constitute a risk to its customers. To this end, the company stressed that Uber it will now accept verification of the background of its drivers, at least in the United States.

I’ve dealt Uber with some companies specializing in checking the background of employees, including Checkr and Appriss for this purpose. Will the data being collected immediately by Appriss shall notify the Uber if the conviction of the driver of a new criminal offense. It will be then up to buy the Uber decide whether it will ban that driver to make sure not to harm this person passengers because of the behaviors unsafe.

The company began testing the system earlier this month, and since then have been checking the background of the ” relatively large proportion ” of its drivers in the United States. This has led the system to turn off the 25 driver from the Uber platform so far, according to the Deputy Head of the Department of safety and insurance at Uber, Mr. Gus Fuldner, who stated it by saying : ” what we’re looking for in the end … is the way to get the same information as in the test and the background check, but obtain it immediately. “

Broadcasting system instant new information about drivers also means that the drivers who were prevented from driving on the Uber platform because of their criminal background will be able to now re-submit applications if the solution charges or other other factors that make them ineligible to work in the Uber platform.


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