Uber has had a secret program to thwart police raids of its offices


Law enforcement agencies from time to time raids on various companies, whether due to suspicion of tax fraud or some kind of financial crimes, so the that it seems commonplace. However, according to a report from the website of Bloomberg, it seems that it was discovered that Uber was using the mediated crafty to make sure the power out empty-handed.

The report alleges that Uber have decided to use a program called “London”, a program which does basically shut down all the computers in the office to prevent police access. The report stated an accident in the year 2015 where it came to the tax office in Quebec to the Office of Uber in Montreal after a suspected that the company had violated the tax laws.

The report added : ” as managers in hundreds of offices in the Uber abroad, he had been trained to display an alert to the staff specially trained at the company’s headquarters in San Francisco. When the call came, he quickly had the staff shut down all computers in the Montreal office, which made it practically impossible for the authorities to retrieve the records of the company that they got the order collected. Left investigators without any evidence “.

In response to this article, The Company issued Uber a statement to Bloomberg, saying : “like every company has its offices all over the world, we have security measures we do to protect corporate data and customers. When it comes to investigations of government, our policy is to cooperate with all searches and requests for the correct data “.


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