Uber has suspended testing of unmanned vehicles because of the accident fatal – last UPDATED

The company Uber Technologies stopped test driving cars after one of them hit and killed a woman in Tempe, Arizona.

Currently, the police of the city of Tempe conducts a thorough investigation of the incident. It is reported that the woman was crossing the road outside the crosswalk when she was hit by a car, Uber, operating in an Autonomous mode under the supervision of the driver responsible for security.

Immediately after the incident, Uber announced the suspension of all trials of its Autonomous vehicles sredst in Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Toronto and Phoenix. The company provides all possible assistance to local authorities.

The police have not yet issued a final verdict about the culprit in the accident. The woman with the bike crossed the road in the wrong place, 90 metres from the pedestrian crossing. Unmanned vehicle moving at a speed of 38 miles per hour (at maximum authorized speed of 35 mph on this stretch of road).

The national Council for safety of transportation (NTSB) has also opened its own investigation of the incident and sent a small group of investigators in Tempe. The organization is closely monitoring incidents with self-propelled or partially Autonomous vehicles.

Update: the police Chief of Tempe Moire Silvia (Sylvia Moir) reported that the culprit of the accident was hardly the Uber car. From the videos it is evident that the accident was difficult to avoid in any mode (both autonomously and under human control).

However, if Uber will still be found guilty, it can be open trial. It is also possible charges against the driver responsible for the safety of the drone.

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