Uber is building a center for the development of a flying taxi in France

Program self-driving cars Uber bad showing this week. But their initiative on creation of a flying articles, ahem, off the ground. The company announced today in a press release that they will open a research station Uber Elevate in Paris. In the next five years, scientists will spend 23,4 million dollars on the development and study of air traffic control in compliance with European rules.

This is the first laboratory of aircrafts Uber outside the US, but for anybody was not a big surprise its creation in France. A year ago, President Emmanuel macron has announced that it plans to turn France into a “startup country”, and since then keeps his word.

In addition to the Uber case, France made several important breakthroughs this week: Facebook will pay 48 scholarships in the field of artificial intelligence in French universities; IBM will create 1,800 jobs in the country, and delivery of products Deliveroo invests about 117 million in the next five years. The local government even offered to build Hyperloop test tracks.

And yet, the most ambitious project of all these flying cars will be Uber. This is partly due to the fact that airspace is heavily regulated and it is unclear what categories will these types of transport aircraft — not the aircraft, but not drones. Uber will have to cooperate with the local space Agency and the Federal aviation administration to develop rules of air traffic.

In France, commercial drones must have well-trained operators, some of which may require a pilot’s license. Assuming that the apparatus of Uber will deliver people by air, you may decide that you and their managers will require accreditation.

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