Uber is file an appeal against the decision of the regulatory authority transfers London not to renew its license

Gave Uber an appeal to the regulatory authority transfers to the British capital, Tfl after a recent refuse to renew a work permit in London, step by step posing a real threat to the company and its loss to one of the largest shares in the market by the EU in the event of loan has become the effect.

Where was the authority Tfl has been deprived of the transport company of the participatory renewal of its license last month for the second time in 3 years; where the decision of the commission upon the failure of the company in the commitment to and assessment of security standards compliant with the transport policies in the city.

Knowing that the process of Appeal and pay the company about the application of her means of security provided by may take some time to materialize and May last for years; but at this time most likely the company will be able to work in the city until a final decision in the case.

He said Uber in a statement issued on Friday that it is committed to the decisions of the regulatory authority transfers London with whom it works closely, in order to the concerns and implement their requests as it previously did in 2017.

He stated the city of Uber-local Jamie Heywood that their job level will be, they always listen, they learn the law from the work of the transport platform when you learn things through security. In the description of the company’s CEO, house of sushi the authority’s decision that the error clear via a tweet on his account official on Twitter.

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