Uber is in talks to acquire a food delivery service Deliveroo, according to a new report


Uber already has a food delivery service which called Uber Eats, but it seems that the company is looking to acquire another company that specialized in shipping food to enhance its efforts in this sector. According to a new report released today, it appears that Uber is in talks to acquire a company specializing in food delivery called Deliveroo. It is still unclear as is the amount that would be Uber willing to pay in order to get this company, but it will be the top of the ratings last buy Deliveroo.

May not be Deliveroo is the only company that you think about Uber in possession. A recent report reveals that the company Uber is in talks with the company Careem acquire them also. The company is Careem’s biggest rival company Uber in the Middle East so that the process of acquisition of this company will buy the Uber position of dominance in the Middle East.

The value of the company Deliveroo in the past year more than a million dollars after that company collected $ 98 million dollars from private investors. It was reported that the company taken from the London-based investors, it is not interested in giving up the independence of the company, so there’s a chance to learn these talks with Uber if they feel that the price proposed is not appropriate.

The launch of the service Deliveroo food delivery in the British capital London in 2013. Since then the service has expanded to 11 countries around the world is scheduled to reach new markets in the foreseeable future. I didn’t know all of the Uber and Deliveroo on this report until now.



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