Uber is interested in according to a new report acquired a company specializing in the rental of bicycles

Bird & Lime

Market bike rental is still in its infancy, but there is great interest surrounding this market. There are a few startups that have demonstrated to everyone about their ability to compete strongly in this market and now interact with them by large companies for acquisition. In line with this, it has frequency now that Uber is negotiating with two major companies specialized in bike rental so that the company aims to conclude a multibillion-dollar deal in this emerging market.

The report issued from the location of The Information to that company Uber is in talks with a company Bird deal on the acquisition of a potential value of billions of dollars. In the case of the failure of these talks, it is reported that Uber intends to conduct talks with the company Lime which is considered the main competition to buy the Bird.

I have Uber already has a relationship with the Lime, they have share a few in this emerging company. Has teamed all the two companies earlier this year to bring electric bicycles into the transportation network, a subsidiary of Uber for the first time ever. The report adds that Uber want to stand out of the page quickly, and looks forward to signing one with the Bird or Lime before the end of this year.

Tell the CEO of Bird, Mr. Travis VanderZanden journalists recently that the startup is not for sale, but it did not negate the ongoing talks with Uber, so this may be a negotiating tactic, too. Will turn Uber really about this just in case if you are able to reach an agreement with any of the two companies.


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