Uber is negotiating to return to Abu Dhabi

Uber in talks to resume services in Abu Dhabi: transport official

Experience uber is in talks with the authorities in the Emirates to return to work on the streets of the capital Abu Dhabi after two years of stop.

Authorities had stopped all of my company’s cream and aweber for the participatory approach of action since August 2016 after that I thought a number of drivers for violation of the rules and the applicable laws in the country.

According to Mohammed Darwish qamzi, Director General of the centre for Regulation of transport by hire cars it is going to communicate and negotiate with the company uber has been some progress already in the talks, also expressed confidence the return of aweber to work in Abu Dhabi without specifying a time frame.

For its part said aweber they held positive talks is yet to be determined when she can go back to work.

Set off uber first operations in Abu Dhabi in 2013 after three years was stopped from work in the capital, but still working in Dubai.

As well as resumed company cream work in Abu Dhabi after a few months stopped with aweber 2016.

It is worth mentioning that the company Cree has launched a new option for cheap starting from 19 AED for the trip which is cheaper by about half than the rest of the tariffs that exist.

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