Uber launches a simplified version and decompressed application in the UAE, Saudi Arabia

أوبر تطلق نسخة مبسطة ومخففة لتطبيقها في الإمارات والسعودية

Revealed AWeber today announced a watered-down version of its application on smart phones in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the UAE, bringing the Uber app Lite (Uber Lite) new is available to use and easier than the previous app in order to help everyone access the services of the company.

Will be located in the new app size not exceeding 5 MB will be available in Arabic and English on the lines of the main app, will help users with phones a few possibilities or who suffer from a weak contact to take advantage of the service without any problems.

The user will be able to choose his destination easily by determining the nearest point close to the screen, instead of start writing the destination and choose from the drop-down menu.

And Abdel-Latif confirmed, the regional director for the Middle East and North Africa on the topic by saying: “the idea is to Uber about providing purification solutions reliable to our customers, and should not be J the form of weak contact with the internet an obstacle to the achievement of this goal. With the Uber app Lite, can now use the app and request a trip even in areas with a weak contact to the network, while consuming less data also. We have made a new app easier and more simple, but without compromising on any of the characteristic features of the development of Uber-knowledge.”

It was the phenomenon of the applications diluted have recently appeared with many companies and corporations to help its clients benefit in the best possible way of services, whatever the possibilities of their smart phones.

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