Uber launches browser Touch ad hoc for smartphones

اوبرا تطلق متصفح Touch المخصص للهواتف الذكية
Uber launches browser Touch ad hoc for smartphones

Uber launches browser Touch ad hoc for smartphones

For those who don’t want to use Google Chrome browser or Firefox from Mozilla, uber announced just browser, Touch the All New, Custom for smart phones.

Designed browser Touch New as you say uber from the ground up, focusing on providing the best browsing experience for mobile by giving users the features and ease of use, protection and power.

When you are running the browser, will be ready immediately for quick search or write the address of the URL , as it will automatically recognize your browsing habits and adjust itself accordingly.

The advantages of the browser uber touch

Being a browser uber, it is equipped with automatically including contraindications ad-blocker to exploit your phone in the process of mining digital currencies, but these settings are disabled automatically and need to activate.

In conjunction with the launch of the new browser, there is a new version of the browser for a computer, where you can exploit technology to Opera the Flow of the new sync with browser mobile new and download files, pages, links back to yourself, in the shadow of the encryption of the entire between the parties .

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Download browser uber Touch for Mobile Android

Download browser uber new version devices desktop (Windows)

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