Uber launches service to rent bicycles in collaboration with JUMP

In search of new options to make development affordable and more accessible to people I know, uber announced a partnership with a company JUMP enables users to first hire a bicycle and use it for the inside of the San Francisco from within the uber app.

Tell uber that the bike will not go to sleep but are going to position the bike but this will help them to rapid development within the city at nominal charges starting from $ 2 for the first 30 minutes and increase the amount the longer the flight .

This pilot partnership will last for 18 months and then uber will assess the situation and response of the audience for this kind of means of development process and rapid at the same time at an economical price.

Recall that the company JUMP now has 250 electric bike in San Francisco will increase the pressure during the 9 months with the permission of the SFMTA is responsible for regulating development in San Francisco.



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