Uber lists the operators of its cars self-driving in Pittsburgh and San Francisco


Is subject to draft Uber cars self-driving investigation and scrutiny since the incident of the actor who included one of its cars self-driving in Arizona in the month of March last. Since then, the company has suspended Uber draft of its self-driving vehicle in the state of Arizona. As police stopped the car test its self-driving in all other markets, including Toronto, Pittsburgh, and San Francisco. Now it seems they are also to abandon the employees who have related to the project as a whole. According to a new report, it appears that Uber had also laying off nearly 100 operators of its cars self-driving in San Francisco and Pittsburgh.

This looks like Uber had enough of the draft self-driving cars, but this is not the case. The company will work to resume taking her exams for cars self-driving in Pittsburgh over the next few weeks. On that range, stated a spokesperson in the name of the company Uber to TechCrunch saying :

” Our team is committed to building technology for safe driving, and we look forward to return to public roads in the coming months “.

Can employees who have been laid off to apply for one of the Sites operating the new advanced 55 referred to Uber as professionals missions in San Francisco or Pittsburgh. Will be training of specialists of the mission on the evening of the tests and manage the roads, and they will be assigned provide feedback to the developers.


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