Uber may provide the company’s technology leadership self-own


There’s a reason companies like Uber are working on the technology of self-driving. You don’t expect taxi service on demand actually building and selling cars. The company is working on this technique in the hope of selling them to companies specialized in the automotive industry. This is why we we can’t when we heard that there is a new report says that Uber is in talks with the company Toyota of Japan to supply technology and self-driving.

According to the report issued from news agency Nikkei that the company Uber is in talks with the company’s sale of its technology and autonomous driving. It is negotiating on the possibility of installing a system of self-driving in cars Toyota. Says that the CEO of Uber, Mr. Dara Khosrowshahi has met with senior executives in the company to Toyota earlier this week.

It’s not as if Toyota doesn’t have its ambitions in relation to the technology of self-driving. In fact, are spending billions of dollars in a company specializing in the development of technology leadership self-assessment this aspect of the work. However, the company has plans to use technologies from other companies such as Uber to accelerate the development of automotive resume for service transport independent.

Did not confirm the company’s this report or rejects it until now. In fact, it is not difficult to see the two companies working together in this matter due to the close relationship between Toyota and Uber. In the case if you remember, the company’s investment in the company Uber in the year 2016, and then signed a partnership in January to develop a platform for the leadership of the independent.


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