Uber set design applied after the change of the company’s logo


I decided to Uber to change its logo two years after the detection of the logo that has been replaced now. The new logo comes some simple changes at the level of the pattern line so that is still the name of the company is the focus of the new logo. Living as a new logo the letter ” U ” which can easily figure out that it is linked taxi service on request.

The company revealed to AdWeek that he was making the decision to change the company logo because users found it difficult to connect the logo with the company. Put the new logo the company name in the editor so that it is clear to all users that this app is for taxi service on request.

It uses the new plan design calls Uber Move. It’s quite similar to the style of the famous Sans Serif which is used in many places on the internet. Means the use of font style new to Uber will not have to pay any license fees so you can save money in the long run as well.

Said a spokesman for the company : ” we are delighted to reveal the new logo and simplified development of Uber who lives the letter U, which is easily identifiable, which is adjustable in the 660 area that we serve. “ Was released a new logo to develop a Uber basic and application Uber Eats. The company will further changes to the language of their own design in the coming months.


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