Uber showed the drone for a fast food delivery

How long you wait for your food after ordering online? It depends on the number of orders from the company and the distance to your home, but the speed of delivery in any case, you can increase at least twice. This is at the moment engaged in the American service delivery of finished products Uber Eats. They think using unmanned drones, while transporting products from point of dispatch to the apartment of the recipient can be reduced to 7 minutes. About your idea, the company said in the event the Elevate Summit in the early summer of 2019 and now we know how it will look drones couriers.

A drone for food delivery service from Uber Eats

Details about the aircraft that Uber plans to begin testing in 2020, told the publication Techcrunch. At the moment we can watch only a 3D computer model of the future device, but even he can tell about very interesting new items coming. For example, on the title image it is clearly visible that for flights it uses two adjustable wing with six propellers. Thanks to the rotating wings of the apparatus is clearly able to make vertical takeoff and landing.

Fast food delivery

Also, the publication reported that the maximum length that an unmanned drone will be about 8 minutes. It is noteworthy that at this time includes the loading of the container with the ordered food and unloading to the roof of the car of the courier who will deliver the parcel to the customer’s door. Yes, drones will deliver the food straight to the customer’s home — between the departure point and client will work intermediary in the person of a courier.

At the moment the delivery orders Uber Eats are true messengers

It is expected that the drone will be able to travel up to 30 kilometers. He will be able to recognize the roof of the car couriers applied to the QR code. With all this, drones will choose those cars that are as close as possible to the customer’s house. In principle, this is the essence of the acceleration of the delivery process, and in addition the aircraft will not reach the tube.

By the way, the delivery of parcels using drones also deals involving Google holding Alphabet

It may seem strange that the company is not improving the delivery of products exclusively with unmanned vehicles. After all it is extremely profitable for the company — no need to hire actual couriers. Most likely, the delivery vehicles are needed due to the fact that customers of Uber Eats would have to be installed sites with QR codes for landing drones. Besides, nobody is insured from customers, which can catch and break flown to them camera.

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The company plans to begin testing drones for deliveries in 2020. And by the summer of next year to order food and wait for its delivery with the participation of the aircraft will clients of Uber Eats Californian city of San Diego.

Actually, it’s amazing how taxi service Uber has suddenly become so large that it began to develop aircraft. But the company still has the project on creation of a flying taxi. In our special material, we already showed you a preview of the landing of a flying taxi.

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