Uber will identify the accident with the help of smartphone

Uber by many people is perceived as the developer that created the application for easy order the taxi. This is true, but Uber employs professionals and over a host of other things. For example, right now in-house developed quite an interesting system for security, which will allow you to remotely identify the accident on the road. And it does not need to install any special detectors and sensors. A simple smartphone.

Soon to use Uber will be even safer

As Uber takes care of traffic safety

It is worth noting that the best minds of the company is not the first year trying to make its service as secure as possible for customers and drivers. For example, several years ago introduced new options, such as a panic button with the opportunity to exchange information about the trip or the incident to dispatchers of emergency services. And in 2016, Uber has developed a system that carefully analyzed the complaints of passengers that a driver, for example, was speeding or was driving very carelessly.

After that, data received from users was compared with GPS data on the movement of the vehicle including the average speed on each segment of movement, the rebuilding of the bands and so on. Based on this operators to make conclusions about which sanctions to apply (or not apply) to the driver, who has received the complaint. But if these developments can be called just “extra buttons” in the app, here’s a new feature RideCheck, which will be held in the near future, it’s something much more interesting. Do you use Uber? Or do you have another favorite app to order a taxi? Write about it in our chat in Telegram.

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Currently, the only component in the smartphone that uses the app , Uber, is (quite logically) GPS module. Because of this you can easily call a taxi in any place, and dispatchers Uber is able to track the movement. However, the function RideCheck will use the gyroscope with the accelerometer. But why is it necessary? It’s pretty simple: RideCheck starts in the beginning of the trip, if you are a passenger or running all the time if you are a driver.

In the case that the system has detected an unusual situation or freelance, for example, a sharp displacement of the mobile on one axis (that just happens in an emergency situation), the passenger and the driver get to your smartphone a notification prompting you to confirm whether everything is in order. For a clear identification of such shifts and need the accelerometer and gyroscope. Further, if the driver or passenger confirms that the accident occurred, the program offers to call the rescue service. Also, there is the option to automatically call the emergency services and even the possibility of enabling the emergency service call to the driver or passenger.

At the moment RideCheck will be launched in test mode only on the territory of the United States of America and in that case the system will show their best side, and the other countries users will get an update to the Uber app with a new function security “in the near future”.

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