Uber will resume taking her exams for cars self-driving in a ” few months “


It’s been more than a month ago that the company Uber to stop its car fleet of self-driving fully after the incident the actor who got involved in one of its cars self-driving, Arizona, USA. This was the first fatal accident known to engage in a self-driving car with the knowledge that the investigation into this incident is still ongoing. CEO of Uber, Mr. Dara Khosrowshahi, now that his company will probably start testing its cars self-driving on public roads again ” in a few months. “

Once that stopped a fleet full of self-driving cars, the company said that it will consider the initial report of the investigators of the traffic Feds before you decide to date resume taking her exams for cars self-driving. It seems that Uber will self-driving cars on public roads again soon. Mr. Dara Khosrowshahi it is expected that Uber resumption of the testing process after the end of the report of the Board of traffic safety the U.S. after the completion of the safety review procedure conducted by the company.

Be sure that the results of the report will have an impact on how to proceed in the tests of self-driving cars. Noted a recent report that a system of self-driving subsidiary of Uber has been developed to overcome my obstacles read it as an obstacle to be false, such as plastic bags in classes and other other obstacles that are not imposed on the driver braking or trying to shuffle. Thus, a car Uber self-driving that caused the accident car fatal the above may be she knew the woman that I bumped into him on the road as ” obstacle false “.

Mr. Dara Khosrowshahi that Uber is working ” hand in hand ” with the National Council for traffic safety, has cooperated with authorities throughout the investigation also.


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