Uber will start delivering food to customers using unmanned aircraft in the summer of this year

Uber Drones

Uber may enter are other in the near future to free delivery by using drones. Claims to report a new company Uber is looking to start a food delivery using drones this summer. The service will be available initially in the city of San Diego. It was Uber talking about the possibility of conducting tests in this particular region since last year, the report of the day to be on the verge of doing so.

Requests will not be sent directly to customers ‘ homes. You will drop the drone orders in the ” landing areas for safe and certain ” will of shipping companies of the company Uber to pick up those orders, and then moved to the door of the customer.

Can be landing zones safe these words from the roofs of the cars Uber-compliant, which will act upon the UAV using codes QR Code. Reportedly, it will launch its own independent later this year which will be able to reach speed up to 70 miles per hour.

It may not cost you a lot stress with your food via drone compared to normal delivery from Uber Eats. It is said that the company plans to keep the same delivery price, which can be up to 8.50 USD. The company believes that the UAV will be able to delivery orders in a distance of 1.5 miles within just seven minutes, while it takes more than 21 minutes via car or bicycle.

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