UBISOFT launches an updated version of the league TOM Clancy’S RAINBOW SIX PRO sponsored devices “predator” of the Aesir

Announced Ubisoft agreement care the largest and most important in its history, which will become under her Aesir official sponsor for the “Rainbow Six® Pro”. And criticized the publishing company and the development of video games French famous with the tag “predator” of the Aesir throughout North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Latin America. Extending this partnership, which will be launched in conjunction with the launch of the tenth season of the league “Rainbow Six Pro” for professionals, from June 2019 to November 2020.

There will be a “predator” of the Aesir, which wore the name of their Sports electronic competitive over the previous years, the official sponsor for personal computer companies in the league of Rainbow Six Pro, as of the tenth season for international competitions Six Major Raleigh announced this summer. And the Aesir under the care of a group of gaming devices that feature the high-performance to support players, specialists and staff, and give them the opportunity to recruit the highest possible level of their skills through international competitions. It will also be Aesir pro teams computers desktop and laptop screens of predator through the processes of preparations for the competition and official non-related to the internet. It will also Aesir to provide support for amateurs and fans of electronic games by enabling them to access the site via platforms equipped with fully characterized by high-performance be the first of the game Rainbow Six Siege new.

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The formation of this historic partnership between the parties on providing international promotion and not jointly, with an invitation to play lovers to participate in global competition, along with particular challenge in this game which gives players the chance to recognize your exceptional “predator”. As the lovers of electronic games are also invited to watch the shows broadcast and follow the pages of Rainbow Six, pages, devices Acer Predator on social media to get the latest news and highlights of the competition and to participate in bets.

Continue game play Rainbow Six Siege the interest and the participation of more than 45 million players from all over the world, while facing the community of lovers of these e-sports grew continuously. Have seen starring Six Invitational, which was held in the month of February last a marked increase in the participation rate amounted to 31% of the time viewing throughout the week compared to the year 2018.

Said Vincent Lin, assistant vice president for product marketing and planning in the Aesir: “the consolidation of efforts with Ubisoft represents a new era that would strengthen the role of Aesir in the expansion of e-sports around the world. League Rainbow Six is suitable for a legendary, We are happy to transfer the players to the peak of development between them thanks to the hardware performance of personal computers and display monitors predator”.

Said Jeffrey, are, senior vice president of sales and marketing at Ubisoft Europe, Middle East and North Africa: “the partnership contract with the company Aesir expert in the field of e-sports and its boosts the confidence of the successfully League Rainbow Six either today or in the future, because this league continues to spread and its development”.

In parallel with this new partnership, typically the occasions دوريRainbow Six Pro with a set of new amendments that have been introduced which include:

  • An updated schedule includes a daily game per week for each of the four regions: North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and the
  • Updated range maps that allow professional players to showcase their skills in the more competitive societies
  • Removal of the rollback feature automatic in order to increase the level of competitiveness within the regions and Rainbow Six
  • Increase the value of the awards for the professional league, where the prizes now to 626.000 dollars (including playoffs)
  • And many other modifications …

You can see the details of the changes made on the tenth season of دوريRainbow Six Pro here.

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