Ubisoft reveal the road map for the first year to The Division 2

I started Ubisoft’s display for the Tom Clancy The Division 2 detects that it will allow players to experience a free start from the 13 of June and end on the 16th of June, which gives them access to all content in the game, in addition to give players a look at content scheduled for release during the first year.

Will be divided into three episodes will be all in one set of tasks, trips and adventures outside Washington, D.C., the first episode will be released in July will be processed through their players to the National Zoo in Washington and the College of Kenley.

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While taking the second episode of the players on a mission to the Pentagon, which will end with eight players, the second episode will be the players to Manhattan to search for a former member of hope Aaron Keener is the main opponent in the first game, which ran away with the Green Poison Virus.


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