UCF sells experimental Martian soil

University of Central Florida is selling the Martian dust at $ 20 per kilogram (about 1300 rubles) plus shipping. And this is no joke. The fact that a group of astrophysicists from the University has developed a scientifically based standardized method of creating a soil of Mars and the asteroids — the so-called malingerers. The results were published in the journal Icarus.

“Simulators are useful for scientists, because we want to go to Mars,” says physics Professor Dan Britt. “If we meet there, we need water, food and other necessities. As we develop solutions, we need a way to check which ideas will be useful.”

Buy the Martian soil. Inexpensive

You see, it would be best to grow food on Mars. But how do you know will survive if our potatoes in the red Martian meadows? A second chance will not check. Therefore, it is better to create Martian soil on the land and cultivate it under the plants.

UCF formula based on the chemical signature of Martian soil collected by the Curiosity Rover. Currently, scientists do not use standardized simulators, so they cannot be considered as analogues of the Martian soil at 100%.

As a geologist and physicist, Britt is well versed in the dust and dirt. The soil is prepared according to the recipe — the ingredients can be mixed in different ways, until the soil of the asteroid or planet. Because the formula is based on scientific methods, and is openly published, you can try to cook the soil on their own.

Of course, Mars and asteroids are different types of soil. UCF method allows a variety of options. Most of the required elements can be found on Earth, although some are quite difficult to obtain.

Britt believes that the Martian soil will demand. Now they are offering it at $ 20 per kilo, so if you manage to find a contact with the University can play a Martian in his back yard.

Half a ton of soil already booked Space center. Kennedy.

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