Ukrainian startup Feel VR harvested per hour the necessary amount on Kickstarter on the gaming pedals and steering wheel

Ukrainian startup Feel VR has successfully launched a campaign on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. The company introduced gaming pedals and steering wheel to simracing and for the first hour, collected the required sum in 60 000 dollars (currently the amount has reached almost $ 200,000).

The developers claim that a distinctive feature of their racing kit is the sensitivity and low cost. The wheel is connected directly to the engine’s high torque is a positive effect on his speed, accuracy and responsiveness. It is noted that at the helm of the unlimited eversion angle (required angle can be set in the settings), moreover, players will be able to change the steering wheel depending on the race.

Feel VR draw attention to the fact that similar technology applied in their device, commonly used for professional purposes. Therefore, the cost of such equipment amounts to several thousand dollars. The first option will cost buyers $ 549.

Racing kit Feel VR is positioned as gamers and professional racers. Delivery planned to start in November this year.

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