Ukrainian subscribers became available the first eSiM for travel

ESiM technology appeared first on iOS smartphones the iPhone XS iPhone XS iPhone Max and XR. It allows you to no longer familiar to us plastic SIM card, and just get a new number with the help of pointing the iPhone camera at a special QR code. In other words, to eSiM can, for example, by e-mail, without leaving home.

Physical SIM cards no longer need?

How to get eSiM?

This can be done quite simply — there are special operators that provide this service. It is especially important to travel abroad when cheaper often right on the spot to arrange themselves eSiM to communicate and access the Internet at great rates. For example, the operator TravelSiM offers Internet access in the EU from 14 COP.; in Israel, the Nordic countries and the Baltic States – 12 COP.; in Turkey and the United States from 25 cents for 1 megabyte. Much cheaper than to connect a variety of roaming options.

Not so long ago, TravelSiM Ukraine began to offer to purchase an eSIM instead of the usual SIM card. Enough to make the order on the website of the operator TravelSiM Ukraine, scan obtained on the Ukrainian e-mail the QR code to activate the electronic SIM card and enjoy all the tariff advantages during international travel. Essentially you get a eSiM from the Estonian operator Top Connect (with 23 years of experience in telecommunications), and the balance of the card will already be $ 10. By the way, this is the first in Ukraine roaming eSiM for the best rates on Internet traffic, free incoming calls and SMS in 58 countries. It can be used by all Ukrainian subscribers like travel within the country, but initially eSiM is designed for roaming.

To get eSiM, you need to scan the QR code

What devices work eSiM

This SIM card can be issued for the iPhone XS iPhone XS iPhone XR and newer, and iPad Pro 12.9 (3rd generation), iPad Pro, 11, 10.5 iPad Air and iPad mini the fifth generation, as well as for Google Pixel 3 and newer. In the case of smartphones, for example, during a trip to set your SIM card to make calls and eSiM for LTE Internet access.

To activate the eSiM settings iPhone

Judging by the reviews of those who have already managed to test the eSiM, in digital SIM is no different from physical. Voice quality and coverage and the Internet speed is absolutely identical, so for this experience is just not worth it.

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