“Ultron”.. power wireless with a battery of graphene

The pulp of the birds that you “ultron” Ultron specification make it the strongest of its kind in the world, it is designed with graphene, that is, it has more battery power and longer lifetime than any battery made by the other, it also supports wireless charging technology for all devices with this property, such as phones and iPhone iPhone and Android phones Android devices MacBook MacBook etc.

The amplitude of power “ultron” great, 20 thousand mAh battery, and power capacity of 65 watt, can’t charge more than one device at one time, says the old default 2,000 charge cycles.

And you “ultron” extremely fast in Shipping, it is Shipping devices iPhone about 3 times faster than regular shipping, and includes Android devices by about 4 times faster, experiments have confirmed that the setting of your phone for 10 minutes the people on the “ultron” is enough for 10 hours of calls, 6 hours of music listening and two hours of video footage and an hour of game fire.

And you “ultron” Quick shipping too, so put in the electricity for about 90 minutes on average to charge from zero until the fullness, in the time that you need other devices to 9 hours in the average person, which is what distinguishes graphene battery Li-on “ultron” on the batteries, polymer Li-on battery no power else.

Successfully campaign funding power “ultron” Ultron in the collection of the targeted amount, on the site of crowdfunding indiegogo, is scheduled to reach the house of Isis. by August, the starting price of 69 $ (1,300 pounds).

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