Umm Kulthum sings in Saudi Arabia.. “hologram” live planet company to life

Years ago, there appeared a new technology called” hologram” Hologram, i.e., the export trade, is a depiction of a three-dimensional 3D, records the light in the body to form this body, the show must three-dimensional, using lasers.
“Hologram” was used in many purposes, most notably credit cards, and cinematic effects, but was not expected to be a cause in the re-accommodation time Friday again to the theater.

In Saudi Arabia, I Star of the East Umm Kulthum, a Saudi Arabia with a band, through the technique of “hologram”, which wowed everyone, to be a question to mind :”you can provide the hologram re-accommodation time to life?!”.

The success of the party of Saudi Arabia, the emergence of Umm Kulthum, to the end of the party without the occurrence of any technical failure, and to park in the middle of the stage and around the band, it was evidence in response to the technique of “hologram” was able to do this with ease.

Recall that there are a number of TV shows use the technique of “hologram” in the coverage of some political events and conferences great.

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