Under test: arena sport smart Amazfit Stratos of Huami

تحت الإختبار: الساعة الرياضية الذكية Amazfit Stratos من Huami

The company “mortar – Huami” is the largest producer for the midwife to wear “Wearables” in the world currently more than 50 million products sold. Despite being an American company founded in 2014 in California, however, its success in securing investment giant worth more than $ 35 million from several donors, among them the “Shao – Xiaomi” Chinese giant, which has become the “mortar” is now the official photographer for the bracelet to her smartphone – the mi band – and several other devices are wearable computing devices produced by the company, making it quick and one of the largest companies around the world in this area.

In the following lines, put the smart watch is the latest produced by the company, Huami Amazfit Stratos , under the test .. I’m going to show this review in three sections; the good, what needs to be developed, and final evaluation ..


1. Structure and design:

This watch is sold at a suggested retail price of $ 200, which is the equivalent of half the price of a watch, “Apple” and a little more than half the price of a watch “Samsung”. To put the competitors into account, and away from private nurses to which we turn later, you get a product that seems to live much of its actual price you’ll pay to get it. Making the structure of the previous carbon fiber in black trap, the result is a structure of luxury and a solid water resistance up to 5 times the atmospheric pressure and resistance to shocks. Mastered the “mortar” strongly in the design of the structure of the former, which looks like luxury and fun, as well as in the choice of high-quality display and that added to the luxury feel of power. Wrist strap is not the same degree of luxury and quality, it is a bracelet Athlete of the rubber, but it is only “supported” to the extent that it adds to His Excellency the former but does not save it from its beauty.

2. The system sports an integrated:

The company offers the previous ones essentially in the image of a mathematical tool to follow the physical activity and athletic performance. And do not frighten the Amazfit Stratos of hope in this area at all, hernia at 12 different mode to follow your athlete in various sports, with features and benefits specifically designed for each sport separately. Rate; choose the sport mode right before you start to practice all the sports of the interface use the same arena, and when you choose the navigation mode for example, the previous record number of blows that you have to pay around two front and rear (backhand) racket development, as well as data about the strength of the hit ball and the speed of its own, and that data specific to each sport depending on the type of sport itself and not just repeating the same fixed data such as calories burned and distance that have been cut and other data default.

3. Navigation system guidance:

Support Amazfit Stratos system of navigation GPS and GLONASS, used the former smart systems in ad hoc mode to development in the Highlands so that the screen appears the small scale map showing the user’s face which goes where as well as the road that cut his so that he could use the former in the navigation to return from where he started. Operate that property efficiently and accurately and received a way to display the mini-map impressed me.

4. Display screen:

Offer display good lighting, which can be controlled from 5 different degrees and allows the user to see the screen clearly even in daylight dazzling. The colors are very good, backgrounds, black, dark. The screen works all the time and does not turn into a special mode to save energy what makes the watch look striking all the time.

5. Battery:

Download Amazfit Stratos card is able to work without problems for 5 days of business as usual. Through that experience I found that maybe with a lot of use feature navigation will not get this time, however, in general and in normal conditions the operating is excellent for that category of smart watches, and probably better than a lot of competitors.

What needs to develop:

1. More independence:

Maybe as a sports can this watch do a lot, also download Amazfit Stratos internal memory capacity of 4 GB that can be used to download audio files and listen to them completely independently through the application of the audio player on the scene, no need for having a smart phone to cooperate with him to do that job. However, other than that the former mainly work as an assistant of the mobile phone to show alerts for Messages, apps and receiving calls. I’d like to see more standalone applications that you can benefit from the former directly without having to phone, so do not take my admiration for the idea that you need a smart phone to prepare a former for use for the first time.

2. Display screen:

Yes, make the display screen among the pros and cons of this smart watch. In spite of the brilliant colors, good lighting in the daylight, except that the viewing angle of the screen is not at the required level with a lot of reflections, what needs to look directly into the arena to see the good.

3. Interface to use:

I put here this hour in compared with smart watches higher-priced, such as a watch, “Apple”, and may look the comparison unfair to some thing, except that the user is waiting for an outstanding level of glamour when it comes to duty use. Don’t make the interface to use here it’s annoying, but it may greatly benefit from some improvements and additions to become more attractive.

Final evaluation:

Provide Amazfit Stratos bunch of properties ideal sports, with navigation system compact, the battery lasts for five days simply solved in the options menu of the best in the category of sports watches smart, and at a price not to exceed US $ 200, this already is one of those products that give you an ideal contractor didn’t spend the money. Not this is the perfect choice in the category of smart watches Who do not care about the salvation of sports, a user who is looking for a user interface is attractive, hundreds of shapes to the method of time display, various applications, an independent make him uses his watch as a substitute for his mobile phone in a lot of the times, these other options of “Apple” and “Samsung” are you gonna tell them what they are looking for but the difference in price.

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