Under the slogan made in Egypt.. “card” launches the second generation of the system, its virtual reality

Have you ever tried to feel the realism and become the hero of your favorite movie or to live in one of the games on your smartphone? This is what made his company “card” Cardoo, a leader in the development and marketing of technological products, since it was established in late 2015.

Has announced “card” for ask released the second of her glasses virtual reality VR in the Egyptian market, which bears the name of “sweet up”, they achieve the highest sales during the current year, where “card” technology 360 ° to its users, which takes them to the world of their favorite.

Granted the technology of virtual reality the user a unique experience like live and enjoy within their applications, and virtual reality glasses from “Mastercard” Cardoo on the smartphones of the size of 3.5 inches to 6 inches.

Founded the “card” Cardoo by a group of Egyptian youth to the world of modern technology, and its first products of the virtual reality glasses in the year 2016, which have been completely manufactured in Egypt.

Managed company emerging to attract attention to them with the first product to arise, given the soul treatment that I have witnessed this among the broad category of young people who love technology, the company has managed to achieve sales amounted to more than 10 thousand pieces during one year only, and in the following year put forward “Mastercard” released the second of the glasses to default, to get over its sales of a barrier of 30 thousand pieces during their second year only .

According to a press release, said Ahmed Adel CEO: “we are definitely happy to launch the second version of the system “Mastercard” Cardoo virtual reality to coincide with the beginning of a new year, we promise to give our sales this year the barrier of 100 thousand pieces”, adding that the company is offering a smartphone application to support the system of their virtual reality on all smart phone devices.

He referred just to that application “cardan” is the first of its kind in the Middle East and North Africa, stressing that the team monitored the billion pound investment during the current year for application development and technical support of virtual reality, she put up the first version of the app by the end of the current month, stressing that the team is always trying to change the source in the field of modern technology.

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