Unfortunately the application Opera VPN in his way to close the final

للأسف تطبيق Opera VPN في طريقه للإغلاق نهائيًا

للأسف تطبيق Opera VPN في طريقه للإغلاق نهائيًا

Always beautiful things don’t last, and in the world of smart phones and secure there services a VPN rich from the definition, perhaps the service or application Opera VPN Opera Company, one of the most important of these services, which were launched before less than two years both on the operating system Android or iOS, but the bad news for users that Oprah has cut the road and about the end of the service for all.

Where in the official statement the company said it “will stop the application Opera VPN permanently as of April 30, 2018”, i.e. the end of the current month, where he was for the role as any role of any service in me that reliable, so by masking the real IP address to the user allowing to bypass firewalls, and not the cookies, and even change the website to unlock content specific geographical location and other benefits.

As the company noted that it aims to ensure the preservation of the privacy of its customers, even after turning off Opera VPN, this refers mainly to the users who were paying to service Opera Gold in mobile phones, which has provided this service Tracker, Tracker Blocker, and 10 additional areas, the speed increased, support for dedicated clients for the $ 29.99 per year.

Where it will be for these participants to self-choice questionnaire requiring free for one year in application of Surfeasy’s Ultra VPN and migrate all their data from Opera to SurfEasy, a company that was bought by Opera in 2016, and even those who do not have a plan of Opera Gold will get a chance to get a discount 80% service SurfEasy Total VPN.

As for Pricing, the line Surfeasy’s Ultra currently priced at 6.49 per month, the line Total is $ 3.99 monthly, this free upgrade for users of Opera Gold, as SurfEasy provides Ultra use is limited to up to five devices, and access to the 28 an area with a strict policy of non-interference.

Finally read Opera close the application by the VPN comes after a few months of driving her to kill the application by other provider data Opera Max, again not dare the police to clarify the real reason behind the closure of all applied.


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