UNICEF start receiving donations been lied

In a remarkable step toward embracing the Digital Currency, announced that UNICEF and the world about the possibility of receiving donations and even pay her in the currency my bitcoin played the first international non-governmental organization in this domain adopt the digital currency,

You will benefit UNICEF and recipients of funding from the low fees and commissions levied during the transfer of funds through digital currency and will be able to the donors of the Battle of expenditures and analysis of their financial contributions.

When UNICEF received a donation of digital currency they won’t turn it into an international currency such as dollars or euro but will maintain them in its digital and even send them to finance programmes and processes that help where as the currency of the digital.

In order to avoid the loss of value due to a sudden and large for digital, UNICEF will be based on bitcoin played only in short term programs being maintain a relative stability in their prices.

The interior of the first contributions in the currency of its digital by Eunice France, as well as you will receive the Eunice United States, Australia, New Zealand, donations, digital currency.

Recall that the UNICEF has launched last year the website Hopepage which mines digital currencies to take advantage of the possibilities of computers of visitors, there are today more than 30 thousand visitors donating ability of the processing in their computers to the digital currency and donated to the organization.

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