Union ball calculates the date to apply the technique of the var in the league – Sada El-Bald Echo country

Revealed Walid al Attar, acting executive director of the Egyptian Federation of football, on the date of the application of video technology known as the var in the framework of the Championship Premier.

Andhe said, “Al-Attar”, in press statements, he’s completed 90% of the things on the video, presumably applied in stadiums, officially beginning the third round in the championship of the International League.

He noted that the Football Association will organize art lectures for premier hardware and the technical and administrative; in order to stress the Special Report of the video and use it and all the things related to it before applying it in local competitions.

Recall that the 54 sentenced to undergo lectures, theoretical and practical during the training courses conducted effective operations in the Cairo Stadium to do the technical video, they said the experience applied to friendly matches under the auspices of the International Federation of football “FIFA”.

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