United Kingdom level electronically to target enemy states

Reported by a report issued by the British Guardian newspaper that the United Kingdom later in the spring to officially announce the group cyber British national (NCF), the specialist is capable of targeting hostile states and terrorist groups and organized crime groups.

This comes after several months of controversy about the details of the group’s National Cyber the British between the Ministry of defence and Government Communications Headquarters, known as the (GCHQ), so that the group will be managed by the Ministry of defence and Government Communications Headquarters, the first group in Britain dedicated to the work of hostile against adversaries abroad.

And the United Kingdom to be seen as a strength of the electronic able to disable enemy states, and targeting networks, satellites, mobile phones, computers, as well as try to eliminate the communication networks used by terrorist groups.

The group of cyber National British of about 500 specialist from hackers, a joint initiative between the Ministry of defence and Government Communications Headquarters, the staff said she would support some of the existing capabilities as well as to develop new abilities.

However, the officials away from going into details, arguing that it should be the most active group of cyber British national Secret, do not expect to publicly disclose the identity of the leader of the group, with reference to the previous speculation that she would be a woman not accurate.

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Experts argue that lack of clarity makes it difficult to discuss the appropriate limits of cyber warfare in the Democratic states and the quality of attacks or measures disruptive that can be considered legitimate, especially if there is a after the strong military for its work.

He said (James Sullivan) James Sullivan, president of the research E at the Royal United Services Institute for Security Studies and defense: “there was a general discussion is limited about the purpose and ethics of the group cyber The National the British offensive, and the circumstances under which they can be used, the types of impacts that might be acceptable”.

And the examples stated for hacking British rare, where the exchange (Jeremy Fleming) Jeremy Fleming, director of the government communications headquarters (GCHQ), in 2018 the protection of offensive electronic great against so-called Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, which it said has achieved great success in the suppression of publicity, and hampered its ability to coordinate attacks.

Come the efforts of the United Kingdom late in the wake of the United States, which was adopted gradually the ability of their offensive e-extended, so I think (John Bolton) John Bolton, national security advisor to the US last summer, that Washington was expanding its operations after being tempered President Donald Trump restrictions.

Rarely the United States intends what it does equal it, although the Cyber Command of America had jammed in a process known as (Synthetic Theology) on the servers of the research agency Russian internet, in an apparent attempt to prevent the intervention of the Kremlin in the mid-term elections in the United States in 2018.

It is planned to invest about £ 76 million in the group’s Cyber National the British during the first year, on that work group along with the National Center for cybersecurity (NCSC), which focuses mainly on the activities of the electronic payment to protect the government departments and strategic infrastructure and industry.

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