United States lifts ban temporarily for Huawei for 90 days!

The decision to ban Huawei within the United States and prevent them from getting future updates for Android was a surprising and shocking of all, this decision came by order of the President, Donald Trump began to American companies in its implementation and in the introduction by Google.

الولايات المتحدة ترفع الحظر مؤقتاً عن هواوي لمدة 90 يوماً!

United States lifts ban temporarily for Huawei for 90 days!

In a new twist to the crisis between Huawei and the American administration announced that the U.S. Department of Commerce postpone the implementation of the ban for 90 days by 19 August, but what are the most prominent face of this new development?!

That means that Huawei will be able during that period to purchase all of the products are American-made as well as the licensing of Android and Google in order to support all Huawei products whether they are sold or offered for purchase rather than for the manufacture of new products, this time also would be sufficient to Huawei processing update Android Q New their current.

As we mentioned earlier, the decision to ban Huawei within the United States and his followers comes as one of the chapters of the commercial exchange existing between the governments of China and the United States until the expiration of the time limit, there will be more developments, perhaps the most optimistic is the end of the crisis safely, without getting in the scenario that is dark and does not threaten the interests of the Huawei only but also American companies with ties to the manifold with their counterparts in China.

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