United States: VPN services foreign currency pose a real threat

Applications are VPN foreign real danger even if the users were government agencies may avoid these applications, because adversaries interested in exploiting these applications, as noted by a senior official in the Department of Homeland Security U.S. DHS.

Chris Krebs Chris Krebs, director of the agency’s cybersecurity and infrastructure CISA and the Ministry of Homeland Security DHS, reports indicate that malicious actors have demonstrated the intention and the ability to take advantage of VPN services and users vulnerable for malicious purposes.

According to the letter written by Chris Krebs to Senator Ron Wyden Ron Wyden, there is no American car comprehensive and gives the users of the mobile devices employees have U.S. government download VPN apps foreign.

Added Krebs, “if the employees of the U.S. government download the VPN application a foreigner from a hostile state, the foreign exploitation of that data would be fairly likely too, even with the implementation of technical solutions”.

This may lead to exploitation to the loss of data integrity and confidentiality of communications sent via the app, likely to include the phone’s data exposed to determine the geographical location of the point of contact record of the user.

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He explained the director of the agency’s cybersecurity and infrastructure that there is nothing to indicate that the application of foreign-made widely used in the United States government, there may not be any organs of the government-run has download VPN apps foreign.

Has admitted to Krebs that the Security Agency’s cyber infrastructure has a limited visibility on usage, it is not clear how the proliferation of defensive measures used on a large scale, such as protection mode, and the list White to the investigation, at the government level.

Message came Krebs in response to a letter sent in February by Senator Ron Wyden asking him to assess application security and virtual private networks VPN foreign currency.

The members of the Senate expressed their concern that some applications send data to browse the internet to servers in countries interested in targeting federal employees.

And providers VPN services to book the actual location of your web browser, but users are still at the mercy of the decisions of those companies concerning data collection and recording.

He cited the Krebs cycle – as evidence of the danger posed by apps VPN foreign – law of Ross issued in the month of November 2017 allows the Russian government access to the providers a VPN located in Russia.

It also cited the warning issued by the Indian government that the Chinese government is using mobile applications to Chinese folk to collect user data.

Said Senator Ron Wyden assured the DHS risk that VPN services Chinese or Russian take the data and send it directly to the foreign spies in Beijing or Moscow, adding that it should not be used by agents of the United States government these applications.

Chris Krebs that the agency’s cybersecurity and infrastructure will continue to monitor the risks posed by apps VPN foreign and work with agencies to mitigate this risk through measures, such as training and technical guidance.


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