Universal app for iPhone, iPad and Mac. When?

At the conference for developers WWDC 2018, Apple first told about the plans to unify iOS and macOS. Internal work on this project was conducted over two years, which gave positive results. In the framework of this initiative have already been submitted the first version of ported apps: news, HomeKit, Action and voice Recorder. But when the tool for adaptation get third-party developers?

According to the authoritative edition of Bloomberg, the project code-named “Marzipan” is a key stage of development. The project aims to give developers the ability to create universal apps that will work equally well on both iPhone and iPad and Mac computers. Of course, it will also give the app economy a push forward, publishers will gain another incentive to develop software, and users will have access to new and useful applications.

It is expected that the tool for onboarding applications will be available this year. However, so far only to transfer iPad apps. Next year the company will introduce a similar tool for the iPhone. The process of creating versatile applications for different operating systems will be greatly simplified, and developers do not need to make changes to the underlying code. A full SDK is available to third party developers in 2021.

It is noteworthy, but the App Store and the Mac App Store will continue to exist separately from each other. Apple is not going to combine platforms, as repeatedly expressed by company management.

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